Welcome, Tartan!

Congratulations and welcome to Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar!

You're One of a Kind.
And It Takes All Kinds.

Tartans know that doing is the best part of being. That dreams are the best part of reality — a reality that challenges us to give our best and take it to the limit. We’re listeners and proclaimers and thinkers and solvers. We’re reliably unpredictable. And we’re stubbornly open-minded.

We are Tartans, and now so are you.

You're almost there

Complete a few important tasks now and you’ll be ahead of the game. Make sure to check your email over the summer to stay up to date with all the tasks that you need to do! An email archive is available below as well. 


Depending on your situation, some or all of the below is mandatory.
Review the New Student Checklist for tasks to complete in the summer before you start your Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar experience.


Health Information

Completing the required medical record information is an unfamiliar process for most incoming students. We strongly encourage you to read the information carefully and ask questions to the Director of Health and Wellness in a timely manner.

International Student Information

All incoming students who will require a visa to study at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar will be required to submit additional documentation in order to apply for a student visa.

Housing Information

The residence halls in Education City are managed by Qatar Foundation Student Housing. If you plan to live in Qatar Foundation housing, please fill out the Student Housing Enrollment Verification Form. You must use your CMU-Q email address.

Get involved

Not required but highly recommended – these will really help you make the most of your CMU-Q experience!

Stay on the lookout for more information about these programs.


August 19-22
Our 4 day long Orientation program for incoming undergraduate students is a dynamic and engaging experience that will introduce you to the expectations, culture and traditions of Carnegie Mellon University.

Ways to connect with the Campus Community

Getting involved on campus is the best way to get connected to your campus community, make friends, and develop great leadership skills that will be essential post-university. CMU-Q has a plethora of student organizations that represent a broad range of interests. Whether it be an intramural sport, an interest group, or student government – all have so many benefits for your personal and professional growth!


Welcome to your student resources website. Scotty is where you will find the information you are looking for.

Student Support Is Student Success

When it comes to welcoming you to the Tartan family, we’re here to help get you acclimated and set on the right path. From academic support and health services to campus safety, Carnegie Mellon has resources to help you succeed both academically and personally.
Student Life
Anything You Need

CMU-Q is here for you.

We want to hear from you!

Do you have a question or suggestion? Don’t hesitate to ask, we are here for you!

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